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Peace Bird with olive leaves - Handmade Sterling Silver ring

$49.00 - $59.00

This bird & olive leaves ring is handmade of sterling silver , not just silver plated.
I have other versions of bird ring and bird bracelet as well .
You can find more of other animal rings here .

I love this bird sterling silver ring idea, thanks a lot to Brittney. And I was so excited about it, so that there are more than one versions of bird rings here :)
Hope you like one of them .

THIS BIRD SILVER RING IS MADE TO ORDER: When placing your order please indicate your ring size.
If it's a surprise for your friend, usually US size for a woman is from #5 - #8, for a man is from #8 - #12

Please allow 12-15 business days for your piece to be created before it is shipped.
Shipping : USPS First-Class with Delivery Confirmation

Copyright by SmilingSilverSmith

If you like to see another two bird rings or more of handmade bird sterling silver Rings, please check my full store:www.Smiling-SilverSmith.com

To look at the birds, listen to their singing. You can find peace in your heart :)
My husband said this bird ring could be a perfect gift for Christmas, which I agree with. What do you think?


  • Confirm ring size later
  • size 4 diameter 14.8mm
  • size 5 diameter 15.7mm
  • size 6 diameter 16.5mm
  • size 7 diameter 17.3mm
  • size 8 diameter 18.7mm
  • size 9 diameter 19.2mm
  • size 10 diameter 20.1mm
  • size 11 diameter 20.8mm
  • size 12 diameter 21.4mm
  • with Personal Engraving